Train With Ron is the longest active Private Personal Training Gym in Chicago. There’s a reason why: TWR’s business model puts the clients’ goals and safety first. TWR will design a workout exclusively for you, your goals, and your fitness level. TWR is not a “boot camp” or one size fits all training program all while making TWR the most affordable private personal training in Chicago!


This is our career and full time job. We are not aspiring actors or using this as a part-time job or stepping stone for another life pursuit. We are 100% committed to helping you achieve your goals!


  • A different workout every session
  • 40-yard runways of athletic turf
  • 5000 square foot training facility
  • Private and appointment only training
  • Free parking
  • 12-week periodized strength program tailored exclusively for your goals and strength level


  • Train and workout every client the same
  • Group classes or boot camps
  • Contracts, memberships or dues
  • Use phone or eat during your session
  • Arrive late for your session


We still live and practice what we teach. In the last three years we have personally achieved the highest level of accomplishment from World and National Champion Track Athlete and an up and coming tri-athlete. We won’t ask you to do anything we haven’t done or wouldn’t do ourselves. That experience translates into helping you reach and keep your goals for years to come. Can your gym or trainer say the same?


Despite a difficult economy for many Americans over the last few years, Train With Ron (TWR Fitness) has not only kept pricing the same but has given away more free sessions than any other gym or trainer in Chicago.


Train With Ron in Chicago has experience! TWR Fitness has more experience training clients over the last five years than any other trainer in Chicago. If you have never trained before, right now is the time to get first class, professional instruction and motivation from Award Winning, World Champion Personal Trainers.

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