As someone who was a “lifelong athlete” playing 5 sports in high school, soccer in college and post college I never felt like I needed help staying in shape. So when I started to prepare for a fitness test with the FBI I wasn’t too worried about it. And then I got injured and hit a rut. I was not in bad shape by any means but I felt I was struggling to get the scores I wanted and was worried that I might not pass in one of the events…so I turned to Train With Ron upon the suggestion of a friend.

Ron, Matt and DB assured me that they would be able to get me where I wanted to be in all of the events and with that I started training. I was at the gym with them 3 times a week and worked as hard as I could every time I was there. When I thought I couldn’t do anymore their encouragement kept me going and their approach to training kept me wanting to come back for more. Training was always an adventure because every workout is different from the one before which keeps your interest and keeps your body guessing. When I got to the FBIAcademy, I scored the second highest number of points in my class of 44, the highest for a female and scored 9 out of 10 in 2 of the 4 events. I implemented some of the programs they use while I was there and continued to improve scoring 3 more points in the 2nd fitness test I had to take. It was a great feeling, especially since I was one of the 4 oldest people in the class.

Train With Ron not only helped me pursue a career with the FBI and improve my fitness level, it made me really enjoy working out again. While my career as taken me away from Chicago I will always stay in touch with the TWR team because I know even from afar they will continue to motivate me and give me ideas on how I can improve my fitness level. They truly provide a motivating environment with lots of support and encouragement. The structure of workouts creates such a great team atmosphere that rather than working out never knowing the person next to you, you find yourself encouraging each other to constantly improve and do more. If you are tired of being in a rut and dreading a trip to the gym then it is time to go to TWR!!