Ron Potocnik is a phenomenal trainer. He combines knowledge with skill as a personal fitness trainer. His enthusiasm and professionalism make going to the gym a pleasure and success.You are lucky to have him as a trainer. In addition, besides doing The Scorpion in yoga class over the weekend, I successfully did Tree Pose for the first time! Both involve balance, strength and concentration. Very cool improvements in my yoga practice that I am sure are due to the weight training. Second, I went to the driving range on Saturday, for the first time this year, and hit golf balls pretty damn well and pretty damn far. Definitely felt like I was getting more power and control than I had in my swing last year.Finally, tennis class tonight was great. I haven’t played in a few weeks and my knee is pretty problematic with the side to side movements, but I hit really solidly. My serves and overheads were awesome. Lots of power there and control, where previously these were both weak areas in my game. I owe it all to your training, encouragement and my hard work. You told me I would realize benefits in other athletic areas and I’m really seeing it. Super cool and motivating. Now I just have to eat less and smarter…. Thanks!