Whether you’re a high school athlete trying to make it to the next level, a professional athlete, a young professional, a law enforcement professional, or a retired senior citizen, these trainers will make any of your fitness goals attainable!  The staff are professional and friendly and there is a lot of camraderie among all who train here.  This is a sports performance facility, not a gym.  There is no waiting for equipment.  You get incredible workouts to push you based on your ability.  There is no feeling of being lost in the crowd as you workout with a trainer and up to 3 other members.   I have no personal or professional affiliation with the owners/staff and have not been promised anything for writing this review (I just train at the facility!).  Bottom line is this is the best place to get you in shape, meet great people, and is reasonably priced.  Try one session at TWR and I know you will validate everything I’m saying!