I found TWR about 3 years ago when I was looking for a personal trainer.  I wanted someone who was affordable and in a facility that I wouldn’t have to pay dues or an initiation fee.  I found Ron online and we set up an appointment.  I have been going ever since.  Ron, DB and Matt are absolute quality trainers.

I had spine surgery a couple years ago and was sure I was never going to be in top shape again after that.  I was wrong.  Ron, Matt and DB took me slowly from baby steps to a full press work out.  They always seemed to know when the time was right to give me just a little heavier weight or a bit more cardio.

Another thing that is great about TWR is the clients.  We are there to work and help each other.  I have never been to a gym where people were so nice.   That is the type of client base TWR attracts.  I actually look forward to the challenge of working out.

These guys are professional, they believe in what they are doing and are always a pleasure to be around.  You won’t be disappointed in the results.