I have been active in sports continuously since childhood. I was a respectable high school halfback, an laughably undersized guard in basketball, an undisciplined sprinter, an IM junkie, and a terrible college wrestler (I mean awful). Now, at 42, I am transitioning from what I worked when preparing for a specific sporting event to more of a balanced fitness-lifestyle program that will keep me in top shape and is manageable with my work schedule. I have trained under every kind of workout regimen imaginable and find no match for the whole-body fitness program at TWR. The creativity of Ron’s 30ON-30OFF philosophy, Matt’s PURE STEEL power program, and DB’s Triathalon/Crosstraining regimen offer a variety of activities that keep me enthusiastic and engaged. Having known Ron for decades and DB and Matt for the last several years, I wholeheartedly vouch for their character. You will not find trainers more interested in you, as a person, as well as your fitness success.