Unsolicited letter from Holly Clark to Chicago Magazine:
I recently read in your magazine that The Bar Method was considered one of the best workouts in Chicago. I do the Bar Method classes and they are good. But, I must tell you they do not compare to my other workout. The best workout in Chicago is hands-down, Train with Ron. As a girl who grew up in Southern California – I know how to stay in shape and have spent most of my life in the gym. This workout is by far the best and most exhilarating workout I have ever experienced, and to my knowledge there is nothing like it in Chicago.

Since beginning my workouts with Ron, my body has changed DRAMATICALLY. I have been working out with him for six months and have never looked better, felt better or been in better shape – period. For your next BEST edition you really should check out this gym. One thing I find very interesting is that other trainers workout with him before going to their clients. That alone is an amazing reference. You can find more information at the website: www.trainwithron.com. The workouts at this gym are not one-on-one workouts but rather small group workouts which push, challenge and motivate each participant. They have changed the way I think about working out. You would be remiss not to include this gym in your next BEST edition.

Thank you,
Holly Clark 40, School Administrator