In May of 2005, I began a new job with a renewed commitment to a work/life balance that included getting into a workout routine. I had just left a job working very long and inconsistent hours which in turn made me unmotivated to begin a new workout regimen on my own. To top that off, I had 2 knee surgeries in 1 year (caused from a fall after running) and with lack of activity, I put on excess weight. Sounds pretty pathetic, huh.

Well, my new job introduced me to new colleagues and one of them told me about Ron. She encouraged me to meet with him to learn about his training style. In my first meeting with Ron, he spent time listening to me about my goals/restrictions. and then took me through a real-life workout “according to Ron”. At the end of my session, he told me he could promise me 3 things in one month; 1) increased energy, 2) increased endurance and 3) increased in strength. He also told me that he could work with 3 clients with 3 different fitness levels and still give us each a challenging workout. From that 1st session, I decided to give Ron’s training style a try. One key thing that was important to me was that I gain strength to be able to walk without pain and without having to limp (all residual effects from the knee surgeries).

I have been working out with Ron on a consistent basis since last summer (almost 7 months now)…and one day while I was walking my dog, I suddenly realized that I no longer walked with a limp and the pain was practically non-existent. Then, again, one morning when Ron had me working on sit down/squats…I realized I no longer had to hold on to anything to steady myself so that I could stand up. This was huge for me as the knee surgeries left me with reduced strength in a lot of areas. I attribute these small successes to Ron’s training style, patience (even when I had none) and pushing me to the next level.

While I am still working on my weight loss goals, I have seen significant improvement in my strength, endurance and energy. I attribute that to Ron’s training style and his ability to keep me motivated to keep moving forward, even if it’s only small steps. These small successes are beginning to mesh into huge successes for me. I am looking forward to my weight loss goals and eventually (hopefully) being able to run a 5k.

Thanks, Ron!