I started TWR 3 months ago right after I got engaged. I had over 9 months until my wedding, but I wanted to get a jump start on my “wedding diet”. I have always considered myself a healthy, active woman, but I was holding onto 10 pounds that I could not get rid of no matter how many days a week I worked out or how ever many fad diets I tried. After many recommendations, I decided to make Ron, Matt, and DB part of my morning workout routine. After my first, second, and third workouts, I knew it would be impossible not to see results. I have never experienced a workout quite like TWR. Every workout is a challenge, yet every day I leave feeling more accomplished and proud of myself than the session before. I have shed 8 of those stubborn 10 pounds (in 3 months!) and lost almost 5% of my body fat. While I still have 6 months until my wedding, I am already picturing myself in my wedding dress and I can’t wait for the big day to finally get here! SERIOUSLY RON – Thank you so much for everything so far! I really love waking up every Tuesday and Friday to workout with you guys. I feel so confident and happy with my body and let me tell you, that in and of itself is a huge accomplishment for me.