I started with Train With Ron in June 08, with little insight into or experience with personal training. And honestly, I was skeptical.

At this time, I had just been accepted into the FBI Special Agent Selection process… which was great, except for one small detail. Part of the selection process included a fairly intense physical fitness test that I would need to take in September. I did a self-assessment based on the scoring scale the FBI provides… and the results.. not good. With the exception of the long distance run, I was below threshold in all other events.

I explained my goal to Ron, DB & Matt, and they assured me that with their training I would not only pass, but would score highly on the test. With their assurance, I started my training. Whoa, was I surprised. I worked hard.. VERY hard.. was at TWR 4-6 times a week being challenged beyond what I ever thought I could actually do. And their approach was something I had never envisioned. In an hour session I was working cardio, all muscle groups, and doing “moves” that are so unique and keep your body guessing. No two workouts were ever the same! And then.. results. My situps & pushups soared, I was pushing around weights that I never thought possible for me, and my endurance was better than it ever was.

Anyway, fast-forward to the test. Not only did I pass, but as Ron, DB & Matt predicted, I did very well, I had the highest score for Chicago. My training with TWR has not only helped me pursue a career opportunity with the FBI, but has also dramatically improved my fitness level, and changed my outlook on keeping in shape… I want to do more and get even better. TWR provides a fun, motivating environment, without any pressure.. just support and encouragement. If you have fitness goals, or are just looking to make a change in your lifestyle and need support, instruction and motivation, TWR is your best bet.