Before I started coming to Train With Ron, sure I had worked out on my own, changed my diet and made significant changes to my body. I would take time off and when I got started back up again I would follow the same routine and lacked the results I had seen previously. I was never much into cardio and I knew I needed a change as I felt like I had hit the wall with no where else to go. That’s when I started coming to Train With Ron and it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only did Ron give me the change that my workouts and body needed, he has boosted my cardio to levels I thought were unimaginable. His unique style is something you have to experience to believe and don’t by fooled by the word “trainer”. Some may think of a trainer as a drill sergeant yelling at you to get down and do 20! Not the case here. Ron designs workouts that challenge every part of your body and is nothing but encouraging and motivating the entire time. I have gained strength, gone from 16% body fat to 10% in a month and my energy levels have increased like never before. I challenge anyone who works out on their own or with a trainer to give TWR a try because it blows anything that you’re currently doing away! Thanks Ron and the entire staff at TWR!