I can’t say enough good things about Training With Ron. I have been dancing most of my life—ballet, modern, jazz and have used many techniques to supplement my training: pilates, yoga, running, weight training, breathing exercises and personal training. Now I breakdance and need the most athletic conditioning there is. “Training With or Train With Ron” is exactly as he says, TRAINING! He has honed his unique training style to an art and he seamlessly and gracefully leads more than one client at a time, so that even I, with a waitress’s paycheck, can afford his expertise and benefit from the flow and energy of the people working around me. He balances every workout, pulling more out of me than I thought I had, yet never daunting me with impossible tasks. He has paid attention from day one to my personal goals. I have never had more faith in a training regimen or athletic navigator than I do with Ron and I am learning much, even on top of years of previous study. There are few true masters of an art, and Ron and his staff are the real thing.