If you are looking for a way to raise the bar on the quality and effectiveness of your workouts, I highly recommend Train with Ron.  I started training at TWR for 6 months ago…once a week with Matt as part of the Pure Steel (upper body weight training) program, and then quickly moved to twice a week to diversify my workouts to include lower body, cardio and core.   I have always been an avid weight lifter, but in the recent months I have developed musculature and strength that compare to my college athlete days of over 20 years ago!  The workouts keep me challenged and motivated to achieve new goals on a regular basis.  This is not only due to the content of the workouts, but all 3 trainer’s (Matt, DB and Ron) ability to work with each client to provide an hour of exercise that matches the level of an individual’s fitness as well as their personal objectives.  I have to admit that there were things I saw other clients doing in the early weeks of training that I thought I could never do…but now I can!  Thanks to the guys, I have a renewed sense of enjoyment for making every workout count and setting the bar a little higher each month!