Not quite sure how to even start to “review” Train With Ron and their incredible staff.  Mo & I have  always worked out at gyms & have seen personal trainers “in action” at the various gyms, but we never quite saw their purpose.  However, this all changed when we ran into Ron 5 years ago & decided to give TWR a shot.  Well, we’re still there & can’t even begin to express our gratitude, admiration, and appreciation for all three trainers.  They each bring a unique style to training and regardless of who you train with, you’ll always leave feeling your best (physically and mentally) and anxious to come back.  They watch your every move to be sure your form is correct & they’re constantly motivating you with their words of encouragement.  Yes, they challenge you, INDIVIDUALLY, somehow they have the incredible ability to push you to YOUR  limits and know exactly what you need.  Going to TWR is like a good drug….you can never get enough yet all side effects are fantastic for you.  Between the two of us we’ve had numerous injuries where we thought we wouldn’t be able to train while healing.  However, Dale, Matt, and Ron worked around each and every limitation/injury and we consistently got amazing workouts.  We’ve trained for God knows how many sessions these last 5 years yet we’ve NEVER EVER had the same workout.  Training here is like being with your family.  It seriously is a small community where everyone is welcoming, constantly encouraging, and friends.