I had been working out with a trainer for a year and a half before I came to Ron. I was happy where I was at, yet I wanted to maintain what I had achieved. I also wanted to firm and tone my arms and abs—something I had told my previous trainer. Within a couple of months I was noticing results that I had not previously seen. I used to affectionally refer to my arms as “dough rollers”—as an Italian I thought that is all they were good for with the jiggly by the tricep. This summer I wore sleeveless shirts with pride because of the definition I now see and friends commented on them. I definitely know I am in the best shape of my life. I look forward to the workouts— even on the mornings it is hard to get out of bed. Ron is great at judging my mood and adjusts my workout accordingly. He pushes me to get to the next level and taught me the meaning of “failure is a good thing!” The workouts are creative and challenging. I also enjoy Ron’s flexibility in my schedule and he always finds a partner for me to work out with. During group sessions you can see that we are all at different levels, yet Ron is able to customize our work out to make sure we are getting the most out of it. It is also motivating to see where others are at and strive to get to that next level. I highly recommend Train With Ron—you’ll be surprised at how fast the hour goes!