I worked with Ron as part of a national competition to loose body fat. From our first session it became evident Ron was different that other trainers I had encountered. More than just breaking a sweat, Ron wanted me to understand what I was doing and why. He’s not a drill sergeant, but more a teacher and motivator of healthy living — both by exercise and diet. Don’t get me wrong, Ron knows how to push you to your limits. He draws every ounce of effort out of you while leaving you thrilled to have done so. He pairs creativity and continuity of exercises to keep workouts fresh but familiar and comfortable. If you need a pick up, he’ll jump right in beside you to help get you through. Most of all, I have to respect Ron for his dedication to his cause and most importantly to his clients. Not only does he walk his talk, he’ll do just about anything to help you walk yours. 6 weeks and countless hours with Ron taught me a lot about my body, how to take care of it and train it, as well as dedication to self and goal setting. In addition to it all, I walked away with $5,000 as the grand-prize winner.