We’ve had the pleasure of training with Ron since last March (04). Before we started training with Ron, we worked out faithfully 5 days a week & laughed at the idea of having a personal trainer. We had our own routine of cardio & weights & were quite content. Boy were we wrong! After our first session with Ron we were hooked! We thought we’d do it for maybe two months, well here we are, over a year later, & we cannot ever imagine stopping our training with Ron. Although we were fit to begin with, we have gained so much more strength & are doing moves/lifts /intervals we never dreamed we’d be able to do. Each session with Ron is unique, and he seems to know just what our bodies need each session to be challenged to their fullest potential. He’s always “shocking” our bodies with innovative ideas. Aside from being an incredible personal trainer, Ron is truly a remarkable person. His style of training is demanding, yet his personality is so encouraging. He really empathizes with each and every move, yet he persists because he knows what our bodies are capable of achieving. He has this magical ability to say just what we need to hear when we’re ready to give up. Ron is the most genuine person you’ll ever meet. He has truly found his niche in life, and we are definitely lifetime members. Check out Mary & Maureen on the cover of Road Runner Sports!