I can’t say enough great things about my experience at Train with Ron. I started working out here in 2007 to get in shape for my wedding and have never looked back! I was in awesome shape for my wedding and love to look back at my honeymoon pictures.

Today, I work out at TWR twice a week and I’ve never considered stopping! It is the best thing I do for myself. The workouts are always challenging, and the trainers pushed me to a fitness level that I didn’t realize was possible. I am strong!! I also feel better, have more energy and am more confident due to my workouts. Every time I leave the gym, I know that I’ve gotten a great workout. I would recommend TWR to anyone interested in getting in shape or challenging their current level of fitness. The trainers are very talented athletes and are also really great people. You will love Train with Ron!

Colleen W.

Ron Potocnik has been training me for three months and I’ve never felt better! I work 70 hours a week and Ron’s sessions give me the energy I need to get through the day. His knowledge about fitness and attention to my personal goals are exceptional. Before I started training with Ron, I was addicted to cardio but my body did not feel fit and strong. With Ron’s guidance, I started weight training and love it. I am leaner, stronger and my body shape is changing. I look more fit and feel great! I would recommend Ron to anyone who wants to look and feel their BEST and to my closest friends.)

Katie M.TV Producer

Top notch company!!  This summer I will have been with TWR for a year.  My goal was to get healthy and I am well on my way.  DB, Matt and Ron push you without crossing lines.  I go between 3 and 4 times a week and every workout is different.  This keeps it interesting which in turn keeps me coming back.  One of the best things is they really taylor your program to fit both your needs and your capabilities.

Craig D.

Working out with Ron has been a blast! I never realized while training for marathons and triathlons, that I was missing such a huge component to my overall fitness level and that was core strength training. Ron’s method of fast paced lifting and core strength exercises combined with diet, has helped me reach a higher performance level and better race times. I’ve lost weight, improved my overall strength, speed and flexibility. Ron will find the right exercises and pace to fit anyone. Ron’s gym is a great and comfortable place to work out. The sessions are strenuous, but enjoyable and bottom line is to feel better and I do.

Tom T.General Manager

If you’re serious about getting in shape, then you should seriously check out Train with Ron.  Matt, DB and Ron get to know you and your goals and work with you to achieve them.  They push you to your limit and the results are great.

The facility is “old school” no fancy machines, no spinning classes, no pilates…just old fashioned hard work involving different muscle groups in every workout.

Once you spend a couple of weeks with TWR, you’re family.  I’m hooked and I suspect you will be too.

Dan H.

Before I started training with Ron, I could barely do one push up and rarely did much more than go to the gym once a week. I’ve been training with Ron for almost a year and I did 50 push ups the other night! And I actually enjoyed it! Ron makes working out so much more than a work out – it’s fitness on a whole new level. I have found that I enjoy the personal challenge more than anything and look forward to our sessions each week. Ron has a way of pushing my limits while making the whole experience enjoyable. I have referred a few friends, who are now loyal clients as well…we all enjoy the personal attention in the comfortable atmosphere of Train With Ron.

Judie L.Vice President of Sales

You know that hidden stash of clothes in your closet that you dream of wearing if you could only lose 5 or 10 pounds? Clothes that used to fit a million years ago that you simply cannot depart with because you have an emotional attachment to how cute they are and expensive they were?

Well, I do, and my fiance has repeatedly accused me of going shopping, when what is really happening is that I am now able to shop in that hidden section of my closet.

What happened? Train With Ron.

In preparation for my wedding, I go to TWR 2 or 3 times a week for the past 5 months or so. (I also go to hot yoga once a week, and occasionally also do this thing on treadmill that TWR introduced me to…)

Prior to TWR, I had never been to personal trainer for all the typical reasons – cost and intimidation. The price was amazing for the bulk package that I bought, and the trainers are the best. Every session is different, and I have lost a lot of weight, and gained considerable muscle.

If you are even considering training session, do yourself a favor and check out this facility.

Caroline S.

In May of 2005, I began a new job with a renewed commitment to a work/life balance that included getting into a workout routine. I had just left a job working very long and inconsistent hours which in turn made me unmotivated to begin a new workout regimen on my own. To top that off, I had 2 knee surgeries in 1 year (caused from a fall after running) and with lack of activity, I put on excess weight. Sounds pretty pathetic, huh.

Well, my new job introduced me to new colleagues and one of them told me about Ron. She encouraged me to meet with him to learn about his training style. In my first meeting with Ron, he spent time listening to me about my goals/restrictions. and then took me through a real-life workout “according to Ron”. At the end of my session, he told me he could promise me 3 things in one month; 1) increased energy, 2) increased endurance and 3) increased in strength. He also told me that he could work with 3 clients with 3 different fitness levels and still give us each a challenging workout. From that 1st session, I decided to give Ron’s training style a try. One key thing that was important to me was that I gain strength to be able to walk without pain and without having to limp (all residual effects from the knee surgeries).

I have been working out with Ron on a consistent basis since last summer (almost 7 months now)…and one day while I was walking my dog, I suddenly realized that I no longer walked with a limp and the pain was practically non-existent. Then, again, one morning when Ron had me working on sit down/squats…I realized I no longer had to hold on to anything to steady myself so that I could stand up. This was huge for me as the knee surgeries left me with reduced strength in a lot of areas. I attribute these small successes to Ron’s training style, patience (even when I had none) and pushing me to the next level.

While I am still working on my weight loss goals, I have seen significant improvement in my strength, endurance and energy. I attribute that to Ron’s training style and his ability to keep me motivated to keep moving forward, even if it’s only small steps. These small successes are beginning to mesh into huge successes for me. I am looking forward to my weight loss goals and eventually (hopefully) being able to run a 5k.

Thanks, Ron!


My story — I was always someone that had shied away from gyms in general, crowds in general, and had never lifted weights or been on a regular fitness routine.  Then a few years back after shedding some weight by eating frozen TV dinners I tried Lakeshore Athletic club personal training.  Although an OK start to strength training, I never felt comfortable that the trainers I worked with really pushed you hard or knew what was truly effective for results — there was always a lot of second guessing going on.  In stark contrast the trainers at Train With Ron clearly have depth of experience and are also clearly trying to better their own techniques and knowledge — nothing feels stale nor do they seem to ever be bored training you.  Unlike other places I’ve been to all the trainers are equally great to work with such that I don’t care who I wind up with when I show up.  The workouts are intense and you always have a large amount of endorphins following one because of that intensity (if you have ever run a 5k you know what I’m talking about).  I myself had lost some weight on my own but never had figured out the long term solution to lose the last 40 pounds to reach my final goal weight nor had I figured out a good way to be “fit for life”.  Now I’m well on my way — only 20 lbs away from an ideal weight/body fat %.  (having started at 265 lbs and now 200)  My body in general is clearly significantly stronger and my mind is clearly working better as a result of that.  For someone who is more of an introvert — it is nice that it is a small intimate environment where everyone is so tired/beatup by the trainers that everyone pretty much ignores everyone else and gawking is kept to a minimum ?  The people here work hard without exception, and when you finally are able to take a breather to socialize the clientèle that TWR attracts seems consistently friendly and cordial.

Matt V.

I’ve never met anyone who has such passion for a career like Ron does. After many conversations with Ron, about how important weight training & proper nutrition are, I decided to join a gym. I quickly became bored with all the cardiovascular activity and was too afraid to use the weight room. After picking Ron’s brain for a few months I decided to train with him. Ron has taught me the importance of combining weight training & proper nutrition to benefit from working out. Working out has become a hobby to me now. I look forward to working out with Ron because I know that he will KICK MY BUTT! I’ve been working out with Ron now for 6 months and have never felt or looked better in my life. About 1 year ago, I would look at other women & say, “I wish I had her body!” Now, I hear people say that about me. Not only do I look and feel great, but also I’m a much healthier person with a lot more energy. I now feel confident working out on my own in the weight room since Ron has shown me the proper way to use weights. Weight training is something that is very important to me and I know that I will continue to do for the rest of my life!

Timora A.Promotional Marketing Sales