I have been working out with these guys for over 3 years and I love it! I go twice a week to get my fix, because it is addicting, and the results are amazing. I burn at least 600 + calories in every workout. I feel like TWR is the “Cheers” of the gym world – everyone knows each other, it’s a great environment with positive people who all have different goals. Whether its to tone up, stay healthy or lose weight you will hit your goal if you work out with TWR.

I would recommend TWR without reservation and you’ll love the different work outs you get in each session.

Tracy H.

Train With Ron is by far the best two hours of my week.  I have been active most of my life, but I have never been pushed this hard or enjoyed working out this much!  I started training with Ron, Matt & DB in Jan 09 and have seen great results over the past 15 months – toned arms, reduction in body fat % and shed some weight.  What I love most is accomplishing something I never thought I could do.  Every single workout is different and it makes you want to come back for more.  For anyone looking to tone up, lose weight or just challenge yourself physically, TWR is the place for you!

Steph B.

I highly recommend TWR.  It’s very simple, their workouts are interesting, challenging, innovative and efficient.  DB, Matt and Ron really know what they are doing, they are truly professional. The best thing about TWR is that even though I’m certainly not an athlete, they somehow take me to a level I never thought I would ever reach or sustain.

Here are some other GREAT things about TWR:

  • There is always parking
  • Flexible hours
  • Online scheduling
  • Pricing is very affordable
  • Good location
Virginia R.

There are only 6 words to describe TWR, “The Best Training Facility In Chicago”. There is no workout that I have gotten from other personal trainers that even comes close. Whether you are trained by Ron, Matt, or DB you will leave feeling like you have just trained for the Olympics.

These guy’s care so much about personal gain and helping you  acheive and reaching your goals. If you are serious about working out and making changes in your life these personal trainers will help you do it.

Please just give them one day of your life and you will go back again and again. Thank you Ron, Matt, and DB for changing my life.

Vince P.

I started at TWR just about 1 year ago and have lost 20 lbs, look 10 yrs younger and have a new physique.  I’ve worked with other trainers and the guys at TWR are first rate – without question. They are dedicated, focused and genuinely love their work.  They create a positive environment they makes every client feel welcome and comfortable.  These guys change lives.

Steve G.

I’ve been going to Train With Ron for well over a year and am loving it.  Ron, Matt, and DB make the workouts fun (they are able to push you at right the appropriate level) and you never know what they are going to ask you to do. I have never had the same workout twice. The trainers are able to differentiate our workouts based on our  needs and abilities.

I would highly recommend you signing up for a session. After one session you will be hooked and the best thing – you will start to feel and look better!!!

Peggy S.

Very simple – you don’t need to look any further if your looking for personal training.   It doesn’t matter what stage your at – beginner, advanced or in between or what age you are.  Go for a few sessions and you will never look back.  The trainers are great – every workout is different and you will feel so much better about yourself after just a few sessions.  Also – it is the best deal around – plenty of options to fit what works for you and absolutely no contracts, memberships or attempts at upsell.  Plain and simple – this is personal training at its core with no gimmicks.

I met Ron in December 2008 after being recommended by a friend and have been going since and seriously have never felt better both physically and mentally  …”Mens sana in corpore sano” …. I recommend without hesitation TWR to everyone.  Go for it.  You will be so happy you did.

George K.

I have been going to TWR for almost 2 years.  This place has transformed my body and mind! I love working out with Ron, Matt, and DB, you never know what type of workout you are going to get!  I have gone down three-pant sizes!

Not only are these the best trainers around, I enjoy going to work out.  I have gotten to know most of the people I work out with and we always have a fun-competitive session.

I highly recommend TWR to everyone!

Mindy C.

This is the best workout ever! I started going to Ron before my wedding to look good in my dress and I’ve just celebrated my 5 year anniversary and have never felt or looked better. Now my husband goes too. It’s not just for fitting into a dress anymore — it’s for life long health.

I would NEVER push myself or keep myself going for an hour at that intensity. Ron, DB and Matt are really supportive and the other clients you train with are motivated too and the energy there is just really great. I can do so much more with them than on my own.

Also I can do some awesome stuff like, last year I did 100 mile bike ride “without training” for it. Because I workout with Ron twice a week, I got on the bike and rode all day and it was super fun! I don’t think I would be able to jump on my bike and ride 100 miles if it weren’t for Train With Ron.

Ron’s 30 on 30 off “homework” is an extra bonus. He gives you workouts to do on your own. Even though they make all my cardios hurt, I notice that my cardio is improved when I do them.

I could go on and on…I just love Train With Ron.

Jessica E.

GREAT WORKOUT!!!  I was feeling a little overworked and out of shape, and needed a personal trainer to motivate me and get me on a set schedule……I was glad I found Train with Ron!  In just a few months I’ve shed some pounds, and am a lot stronger.  My 1 hour workouts have intensified, and most importantly I feel like I have more energy during the day!  Thanks Ron!  Can’t wait for bikini season now ?

Natasha S.