I originally started training with Ron 4 years go for my wedding. I had also been putting off a scheduled knee surgery and waited until my wedding and honeymoon were both over to have it done. In the year prior to the wedding, Ron helped me to get in shape and completely worked around my bad knees. He was amazing at finding ways for me to lose weight and build muscle without further injuring my bad knees. After my surgery I didn’t know what would happen once I recovered. But during my recovery, for the first time in my life, I found myself really missing exercise, but especially the training with Ron. I wasn’t just burning calories when I was working out, I felt good all over. It improved my confidence, my self esteem and my general mental wellness. So after the surgery, I came back to Ron, and the two other fabulous trainers, D.B. and Matt. It has been over 2 years this time around and I can do so much more than I ever could before. I have lost 14 pounds, and gone down 2 pants sizes. More importantly, I have been able to keep it off. The best part is that I actually enjoy exercising. Before Ron I had never exercised in any kind of formal way. I hated exercise and could only force myself to take brisk walks to try to lose weight. At Train with Ron the workout is different every time so there is nothing to fear or dread. Even when I am tired at the end of a long day, I look forward to going. I love the small group dynamic because it is never competitive and always supportive. I only compete with myself as I get stronger and become more adept at certain “Moves”.The trainers care about you and work around your specific needs, while challenging you to get stronger. It really is a community of people working out together. You get to know everyone, and help them to celebrate their goals and achievements. Train with Ron has absolutely changed my life in so many positive ways. I only wish I had discovered it earlier!

Heather P.

When I started the training program with Ron, I had a goal, which was to pass a physical fitness requirement in order to be hired by the FBI. I listened to Ron’s advice and to supplement my training with him, I followed the 30 on 30 off program at home along with improving what I ate, based on his guidance. In about a few months, I barely recognized myself. I made my goal, which was to pass the fitness test. Moreover, what I didn’t think about when I started training was how much my body would change. I had a whole new set of concerns that aren’t so bad to have – none of my clothes fit me anymore. In a matter of 6 months, I went from a size 8 to a size 4. I am healthy, fit, strong, and best of all, I’ll been able to obtain a long-time dream of becoming a Special Agent due to Ron’s help. Thanks Ron!

D. EvansFBI Special Agent

My husband and I made our first appointment at Train with Ron to ‘get fit for our wedding’.  It WORKED!!  We quickly became addicted to the workouts….it’s by far the best workout we’ve ever done and continues to challenge and motivate us after 20 months of regular training with Ron, DB and Matt.  We’ve done everything from spinning to personal trainers at Equinox to running marathons, but nothing has kept us going/as committed to working out as TWR!
Kate & Jared

Kate & Jared

Before I started coming to Train With Ron, sure I had worked out on my own, changed my diet and made significant changes to my body. I would take time off and when I got started back up again I would follow the same routine and lacked the results I had seen previously. I was never much into cardio and I knew I needed a change as I felt like I had hit the wall with no where else to go. That’s when I started coming to Train With Ron and it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. Not only did Ron give me the change that my workouts and body needed, he has boosted my cardio to levels I thought were unimaginable. His unique style is something you have to experience to believe and don’t by fooled by the word “trainer”. Some may think of a trainer as a drill sergeant yelling at you to get down and do 20! Not the case here. Ron designs workouts that challenge every part of your body and is nothing but encouraging and motivating the entire time. I have gained strength, gone from 16% body fat to 10% in a month and my energy levels have increased like never before. I challenge anyone who works out on their own or with a trainer to give TWR a try because it blows anything that you’re currently doing away! Thanks Ron and the entire staff at TWR!


I am crazy about Train with Ron!

I started going almost 2 years ago and feel like a million bucks. During the first week you’ll ask yourself why you ever started-you’ll feel muscles you never knew existed-but by week 3 your body will be thanking you. Your head will be thanking you… And you’ll love looking in the mirror.

The trainers are not good, they are GREAT. They work at a pace that keeps you motivated. They each have different training styles, but after an hour workout the end result is sweaty and supercharged.

Kimberly T.

I began working with Ron about a month before I was to run the Chicago marathon. I thought I was in good shape, having been training all summer, but his workouts changed my beliefs on fitness.

I didn’t mention it at the time, but I had wanted to try something a little harder. I had been interested in the sport of Ultrarunning, that is — covering distances greater than the marathon’s 26.2 miles (but typically 50 or more) in a single effort. These runs usually take place in wooded trails made up of rocks, roots, stream crossings, mud and plenty of hills. Suffice to say, they make the marathon look easy in comparison. I had to try.

On April 14th, 2007, I succeeded. In 12 hours and 58 minutes I ran 50 miles, finishing 40th out of 122 runners. The day was cold and wet; the course technical and steep; and the race unlike anything I have ever done. I attribute my success to the time spent working with Ron and his team in the gym. Perhaps, most importantly, is the mental strength I’ve acquired while working with them. It took a certain level of resolve to continue knowing that there were still 7 hours of running left ahead of me. Despite the pain (which there was a lot of), quitting was not an option.

Training with Ron has allowed me to discover that the fears, doubts and limitations I once believed to be true are nothing more than illusions. Over the months, I have gained more than just an improved physique: I am more confident, more determined and more dedicated throughout all areas of my life. I can’t thank him enough.

Adam R.Small Business Owner

Training is fun here!  I am a 6:00 am junkie.  If I don’t get my workout in at TWR 3 to 4 times a week then I just don’t feel right.

My wife introduced me to TWR three years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  I have always been a gym rat and played recreational sports – but these guys take it to the next level.  They train you in ways that are both challenging for your body and your mind.

The unique individual talents of each trainer (Ron, Matt, and DB) couldn’t be more perfect.  Whether your focus is on weights, cardio, or overall holistic health I challenge you to find a better workout than TWR.

Moneywise – I think that the special offer is the best in the city.  Try to go find another one better.

There is also parking for no additonal fee.

Josh S.

I have been training with Ron for over a year now. The great thing about training with Ron, is he always keeps it interesting and he makes the workouts custom for every client. I never feel as though I am repeating workouts or bored. A few months ago however, I hit “the training wall” as I am sure most who work out regularly do, at some point during the year. When I expressed this to Ron, he gave me a new 30 on 30 off to try on my own and I feel so much better. I now do 30 on 30 off on my days when I am not training with Ron. I am able to work out harder and I am far less sore after my hour with him than I used to be! Most importantly, I have re-gained my motivation!

Erica W.

A few years ago a friend DRAGGED me into TWR.  I thought I would go once to make her happy.  I have been a satisfied customer for about 3 years now. I never bought into the idea of a personal trainer… was I wrong.  My body has never been stronger even though I have always been   active.  I became a true believer in Ron, Matt and DB when I saw my brother who has always been athletic suffer from a sports related injury.  His injury stemmed from lack of muscular balance.  From time to time I try some rather strenuous, new physical challenges and I have to say, aside from some minor bumps and bruises, I’m good to go.  Thanks guys!

Francesca K.

I recently moved back to Chicago from Boca Raton, FL and the first order of business was to lose the weight I had gained and also get back to healthy living. I found Ron on a simple Google search, and so I had no expectations. But from the moment I met him, I knew he was going to be exactly what I needed to help me achieve my fitness goals. He walks the talk, and he does it all in a way where he doesn’t come off as overconfident, like most trainers. Ron listens to you, he understands what your looking to achieve, determines how much you are willing to work for it, and then he just does what he does best! Granted, when I first started there were days of not being able to move my lower body and/or feeling like I was going to pass-out midway through sessions; however, through those times, Ron constantly praises your efforts, and keeps you motivated. Within a month and half, I am faster, stronger, recovery is instant, I have way more energy, and most importantly, I have begun to see some real body-transformation results. He taught me about nutrition and how the body reacts to food, and how healthy living is not a quick fix, but rather a way of life. Ron is the real deal, and through our daily workouts I find myself being so inspired by his commitment to genuinely wanting to help people. Thank you Ron!

Marie G.