What differentiates this training facility from other gyms and boot-camps are the fun and skilled trainers, their mix of new age and old school equipment, and the inventive training sessions that mix up and shock your body every single time you go!

They can help a variety of body types and fitness levels, weather you are looking to accentuate your own existing training program or want them to create a schedule where you can do it all there. If you want to lose weight, add muscle, or just try and fit in to those jeans…they can help.

Take it from me, I have lost 150lbs from diet and exercise in the past 3 years.  Train with Ron is the exercise facility that can help get your there too.  No doubt, bang for your buck, this is the place to go.

Shawn R.

I can’t say enough good things about Training With Ron. I have been dancing most of my life—ballet, modern, jazz and have used many techniques to supplement my training: pilates, yoga, running, weight training, breathing exercises and personal training. Now I breakdance and need the most athletic conditioning there is. “Training With or Train With Ron” is exactly as he says, TRAINING! He has honed his unique training style to an art and he seamlessly and gracefully leads more than one client at a time, so that even I, with a waitress’s paycheck, can afford his expertise and benefit from the flow and energy of the people working around me. He balances every workout, pulling more out of me than I thought I had, yet never daunting me with impossible tasks. He has paid attention from day one to my personal goals. I have never had more faith in a training regimen or athletic navigator than I do with Ron and I am learning much, even on top of years of previous study. There are few true masters of an art, and Ron and his staff are the real thing.

Maggie M.Waitress

I have been a client of TWR on and off for three years and I definitely recommend  this for anyone looking to get/remain-in shape.  Since I began my latest round of sessions a few months ago, my overall fitness level has increased in addition to weight and body fat loss.

The staff (Ron, DB and Matt) are great guys and bring tons of credibility to their role as trainers given their athletic and training backgrounds.  This is evident as they’re able to work with and tailor workouts to their clients’ diverse fitness levels and goals.

Final selling points include the facility being well kept and the competitive pricing of single sessions and packages.

George C.

I started seeing Ron about 2 years ago. I had always been an athlete and was intially skeptical to go to a trainer based on my attitude that I could self-motivate and get the same results on my own. Ron hasn’t only changed that belief system, but has seriously changed my life in the way I look, feel, and live. When I first met Ron, I learned very quickly that he wasn’t your typical “muscle-head” trainer. He trains you as an individual, seeks to understand your body , pushes you to your own limit, and most importantly is educated and understands human physiology more than most would think a personal trainer would.

Now, I am on the cusp of turning 34, am in the best shape I have ever been in my entire life, I am toned in a way I never deemed possible, and have never felt as physically good, strong, thin, and confident as I feel now, after having been trained by Ron for the past 2 years. Especially if you are a woman who has just completed your first set of pull-ups, it’s the single-most empowering moment you’re ever going to feel.

He’s the best there is and his training sessions are as good as it gets. I am writing this commentary because he has inexplicably changed my life, and anyone considering personal training needs to set up an appointment with Ron because he will undeniably have that same effect on you.

Debbie S.

I have been training with TWR for 9 months and I am an addict…..It is a great atmosphere to motivate yourself to reach your physical fitness goals…I am a physical therapist who enjoys to get her butt kicked and 100%confident in the training methods of Ron, Dale, and Mat. The trainers make sure that each session is different from the last.  Not only are their workouts challenging but the sessions are affordable. The hour session is worth every penny.

In the past couple of months, I have improved my running distance and time and overalll strength. I highy recommend TWR for anyone who wants to lose weight, tone up and improve their overall health. Stop by and check it out and you will be addicted as well!!!!

Bindhu I.

Training with Ron has really made a huge difference in my fitness level. I can see the increase in strength and in my endurance levels. Running, push-ups, pull-up and other activities were things I thought only other people could do, and now I am doing those things every week. Ron’s style is to push hard, while still being supportive and letting you know that working hard, even if you don’t succeed, is what it is all about. The atmosphere at Train With Ron is a lot of fun, we all joke around and chat (when we can catch our breath). I look forward to my workouts!

Eynav E.Attorney at Law

I found TWR about 3 years ago when I was looking for a personal trainer.  I wanted someone who was affordable and in a facility that I wouldn’t have to pay dues or an initiation fee.  I found Ron online and we set up an appointment.  I have been going ever since.  Ron, DB and Matt are absolute quality trainers.

I had spine surgery a couple years ago and was sure I was never going to be in top shape again after that.  I was wrong.  Ron, Matt and DB took me slowly from baby steps to a full press work out.  They always seemed to know when the time was right to give me just a little heavier weight or a bit more cardio.

Another thing that is great about TWR is the clients.  We are there to work and help each other.  I have never been to a gym where people were so nice.   That is the type of client base TWR attracts.  I actually look forward to the challenge of working out.

These guys are professional, they believe in what they are doing and are always a pleasure to be around.  You won’t be disappointed in the results.

Elizabeth H.

Training with Ron and his wonderful staff…where do I begin? Truthfully, I can say this has been the most positive physical conditioning experience of my life. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about it sooner. I’ve never been a person who wakes up in the morning and can’t wait to get to the gym, in fact, I loathed it. However, things have certainly changed. The workout I get from Ron is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Each week is different than the week before, personalized for you every time. At Train With Ron you get professional, knowledgeable instruction, but its always with a smile and loads of encouragement. All of the trainers are so wonderful and fun. Now the important questions…is it working, have I seen results, am I stronger, am I more physically fit? YES, YES, YES and YES! The workouts are intense, very intense, but never boring. I still get very sore the day after a workout (sometimes 2 days after). It won’t be easy, you will work hard. You will likely work harder than you ever have before, but it’s worth every minute, I promise! From your initial consultation, you’ll be addicted. One of the goals I wanted to achieve was to be more in shape at 32 than I was at 22. I feel like that’s already happened…and I’m still 31.

Jen M.TV Executive

If you are looking for a way to raise the bar on the quality and effectiveness of your workouts, I highly recommend Train with Ron.  I started training at TWR for 6 months ago…once a week with Matt as part of the Pure Steel (upper body weight training) program, and then quickly moved to twice a week to diversify my workouts to include lower body, cardio and core.   I have always been an avid weight lifter, but in the recent months I have developed musculature and strength that compare to my college athlete days of over 20 years ago!  The workouts keep me challenged and motivated to achieve new goals on a regular basis.  This is not only due to the content of the workouts, but all 3 trainer’s (Matt, DB and Ron) ability to work with each client to provide an hour of exercise that matches the level of an individual’s fitness as well as their personal objectives.  I have to admit that there were things I saw other clients doing in the early weeks of training that I thought I could never do…but now I can!  Thanks to the guys, I have a renewed sense of enjoyment for making every workout count and setting the bar a little higher each month!

Maria D.

I was burned out on running and lifting to train for rugby season. My work schedule left me with little energy and self-motivation for exercise. Consequently, I faded into “ex-athlete” status and was lost in the fitness wilderness, so to speak. Then I met Ron and Ron had a plan for me. His unique combination of lunges, sprints, and fast-paced lifting plus The Sled and The Tank have dramatically improved my fitness level, prepared me for rugby season, and most importantly reignited my desire to train vigorously.

If you want a personal trainer dedicated to your success, and you want to get fit in a fun, challenging, and exciting environment, you must visit Ron. If you hold up your end of the bargain, you will see positive, measurable results.

TMInternational Bank VP/Rugby Player