I love TWR, and it has been part of my regular life for a little over a year.   I joined TWR after I had my second baby.  Prior to my kids, I was a recreational triathlete for 10 years.  I really needed something to help me get back into shape.  I was having trouble finding the discipline and motivation.  Once I signed on with Ron, I found both and now I am on track for being in the best shape of my life.  I would recommend TWR to anyone … health and fitness are such an important part of a happy and fulfilling life.   TWR is a definite way to reach your fitness goals.

Colleen K.

Ron is a top-notch professional! He does a fantastic job blending science, experience, expertise and education into a highly customized personal training program. His cardio based weight training workouts remain fresh and generate results. Ron is constantly in tune with good days and not-so-good days and adjusts workouts accordingly. With Ron, you set goals and achieve them!

Michael R.Small Business Owner

I’ve tried other trainers in the past and it always seemed they were more concerned with their cell phones than my workout.  That being said, at TWR you not only get the personal attention of 1 trainer, but you get 3!  Between Ron, DB and Matt I am challenged each and every workout.  In addition, I’ve taken those good habits and put them to use when I go to workout on my own. Anyone reading this can roll their eyes and believe it or not, but there is one thing that no one can argue with:  RESULTS.  I’m relatively new at TWR, but in my first 6 weeks I dropped 3% body fat and my energy level is through the roof!  If you’re serious about your goals, whether it be losing weight, losing body fat or just enhancing your overall fitness level, give TWR a shot.  You won’t regret it!

Chad R.

Not having experienced “training” other than a freebie at a local gym, I was uncertain what to expect when I entered Ron’s gym last Fall. What I encountered was exactly what I needed. Ron actually listened to my realistic goals and tailored a weekly program that challenged me. The atmosphere at the gym is professional yet relaxed. Ron’s style of training is unique in that it is not your typical cardio for 20 minutes followed by the same repetitive weight lifting. Instead, every session I can turn off my mind and put the hour into Ron’s hands. The mix of exercises is a series of weights or movements that build strength while taxing your cardiovascular condition! I never realized how many different forms of exercise could build core strength and give me that good exhausted feeling.

Will M.Medical Finance

TWR is a wonderful healthy experience.   I’m almost sixty years old and I just love these three guys, Ron, Matt and DB. In my opinion you cannot get a better workout on your own.    I’d rather spent the money for a personnel trainer than spending money to see a Doctor. I have been looking into other trainers, and you will not find a better “Bang for your Buck”. The great part is NO CONTRACTS; NO MEMBERSHIPS, just pay as you go. They are great motivators and change your workouts for each session. They seem to custom your session for your level of training. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! BN


I have been working out with Ron since January. Ron is a great trainer who is very motivating but not over the top. Since having Ron as my personal trainer I have seen an increase in my strengh and cardio. I also have also toned up and have lost inches in my waist and thighs. He has also helped me to make better choices when it comes to eating properly. Ron is the best! I definitely see a difference in my body and I only have been there since January. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent!


Looking for a GREAT workout?? This is your place!!  I used to play sports for a Division I University and our workouts were tough but I was in great shape. So, I was looking for a similar experience (without the huge cost) and Train with Ron was a great find! All three trainers are knowledgeable and keep things fun. They are great and modify workouts for your level of training. When I was pregnant, they were able to modify my workouts to help me stay in shape and more importantly, helped me get back in shape after our baby arrived. Overall, Train with Ron is a great workout experience that encourages you to keep working hard and meeting your goals. My husband and I have both been coming to Ron, DB and Matt for almost 3 years and it was one of the best decisions we ever made!

Sahara B.

Ron has changed the way I work out forever! The work outs that Ron develops are customized for each person — challenging and invigorating. The encouragement and instruction have been very useful. I’ve remained motivated and have started setting more fitness goals for myself. I truly recommend the Ron to anyone who wants to feel better about their body, to have more energy, and to get more positive and focused; in fact, I tell people about Ron all the time and now some of my friends work out with Ron too.

Nicole F.Project Manager

Train with Ron is THE best workout you will ever have!  If you’re like me and gone thru many personal trainers, look no more.  These guys — Ron, Matt and DB — are the best in Chicago.  They know their stuff and take a personal interest in your workout.

I highly recommend TWR to everyone out there who is looking for a great workout with great trainers.  You will not be disappointed!

Carol M.

On my second day of training, Ron asked me to do off-the-knee push-ups and I thought, this guy must be crazy. I hadn’t done a push-up in years. I struggled and did two. I sat there, disappointed, but Ron was pumped up. He knew at that moment where we were starting and had a clear vision for my training going forward. Three months later when I did 65 off-the-toe push-ups I was truly amazed. Was Ron surprised? No, he wasn’t. That’s because the training routine we did week after week was building up my muscles – at the same time my mental roadblocks were getting knocked down with every session. Having him on the sideline, knowing I would succeed was so great, it really made the experience wonderful.

Christine M.Non-Profit Executive