I have been going to TWR for 3 years and have never worked out harder and pushed myself like I have at any other place.  The group atmosphere and the trainers provide a great environment to work out.  Every time you go is different from the time before making working out fun, challenging and enjoyable.  I recommend TWR to anyone looking for an all-around workout and a fun environment to do it in.

Geoff W.

Ron is one of the most genuine, creative and brilliant people I’ve ever met. I was a little concerned about training with two or three people at one time. I’ve been accustomed to one on one sessions with my previous trainer(s). After a few workouts with Ron training three of us at one time I couldn’t believe it. I was truly amazed at how Ron can manage several people in one hour and still get the most out of everyone. It’s difficult to capture here but there’s this incredible energy exchanged with everyone moving around and sweating their butts off. I’ve never had such intense and immediately gratifying workouts. Everytime I Train with Ron I know I’ve been pushed to the best of my abilities. In addition, it makes sense for me financially. I’ve worked with a few trainers over the years and Ron is by far the best! I’m hooked!

LSSales Executive

I’ve been training at TWR for about three years and I can say with 100% confidence that TWR consistently offers challenging but rewarding work-outs.  The three traininers (Ron, Dale & Matt) are professional, knowledgeable, and overall fantastic to work with.  TWR provides an atmosphere that makes you want to work hard during your work-outs and keep coming back for more!

I highly recommend TWR for anyone looking to improve their health and enhance their work-outs.  You will soon find yourself addicted!!!

Dan F.

Ron Potocnik is a phenomenal trainer. He combines knowledge with skill as a personal fitness trainer. His enthusiasm and professionalism make going to the gym a pleasure and success.You are lucky to have him as a trainer. In addition, besides doing The Scorpion in yoga class over the weekend, I successfully did Tree Pose for the first time! Both involve balance, strength and concentration. Very cool improvements in my yoga practice that I am sure are due to the weight training. Second, I went to the driving range on Saturday, for the first time this year, and hit golf balls pretty damn well and pretty damn far. Definitely felt like I was getting more power and control than I had in my swing last year.Finally, tennis class tonight was great. I haven’t played in a few weeks and my knee is pretty problematic with the side to side movements, but I hit really solidly. My serves and overheads were awesome. Lots of power there and control, where previously these were both weak areas in my game. I owe it all to your training, encouragement and my hard work. You told me I would realize benefits in other athletic areas and I’m really seeing it. Super cool and motivating. Now I just have to eat less and smarter…. Thanks!

Christina R.National Sales Manager

If you are someone like me who hadn’t been to a gym in several years and was intimidated to go .Then I would say TWR is a right fit  for you . 3 years later and very close to my 100 lb weight loss goal  TWR  has changed my life my attitude and my body .I started out 2 days a week in the beginning and have worked my way up to 5 days a week consistently.It has become a part of my everyday life.Ron,Matt and DB …3 excellent trainers ,3 unique styles of training, (which keeps it different and fresh every workout )3 individual personalities which all mesh  =  Training with results in a drama free atmosphere .They take a personal interest in your personal training ….

Marc K.

From the minute I saw Ron training another client at my gym, I knew that I wanted to work with him. I had recently had a baby and was anxious about getting back into shape. Working out by myself simply wasn’t giving me the results that I was looking for, so I searched for a professional who could push my limits and get me where I wanted to be in as little time as possible.

I could tell just by watching Ron with other clients that he was the trainer for me. His routines were thoughtful and energized, his demeanor was positive and his approach was focused. He also had well-researched advice on nutrition and rest. It was clear that Ron and his clients were there to work, not to chit-chat. Most importantly, at the end of their sessions, Ron’s clients had satisfied smiles on their faces. They were on their way to true fitness.

I knew then and there that if I started to work out with Ron on a regular basis, my pre-baby body would be within reach. I was not disappointed–with Ron’s help, not only have I lost all of my “baby-weight,” but I am leaner, stronger and healthier than I was even before I was pregnant. With Ron’s coaching, clients can push to the next level without fearing injury or burn-out. He knows what he’s doing. If you put in the work, you get the results you want. Period. He’s just a great trainer.

Heather T.Attorney at Law

TWR is the best workout you can get.  It doesn’t matter if you are able to go four times a week or only once, they will challenge you and help you create a healthier body.  Ron, DB and Matt are people that care about the well being of all the people that come to them and it shows in how they perform their jobs.  My wife and I are in our early thirties and have been going to TWR for almost three years and we can’t wait to go each week.

Brent B.

Ron is a great trainer for all levels of experience. Being new to weight training (and working with a trainer), Ron has been a great. Ron explains each exercise well – breaking it down step by step. He works with you at your level of experience and fitness.

For a beginner, Ron doesn’t make strength training intimidating or overwhelming. Ron is extremely knowledgeable about strength training, fitness and nutrition and gives helpful tips and useful information throughout the workout. Ron puts a lot of thought into each workout and each work out is a real physical challenge. No two sessions are ever the same and never are monotonous. Ron really pushes you to your limits.

I would recommend working with Ron to anyone.

Jake T.Attorney at Law

Train with Ron is a great workout experience!!!  Ron, DB and Matt are top notch trainers who care about your health and fitness.  They make every workout challenging, fun and worth your while.  I also like that TWR provides a non pretentious atmosphere making it comfortable for someone at any fitness level.  I have seen direct results from going twice a week.  My endurance, strength and energy have increased dramatically since starting back up last June.  I highly recommend giving TWR a try!  You will feel better about yourself and definitely see results.

Erin P.

Ron is a pleasure to work with on many fronts. His background , expertise and knowledge coupled with his pleasant personality size up to a great combination and a wonderful experience. I look forward to working out with Ron as he educates me along with working me out. His professionalism and attention to detail makes the difference for me.

ZTJSmall Business Owner