I had worked out with a trainer in the past and saw results, but like many people I found myself not sticking to a routine once I was off on my own. Several months went by, my fitness stopped being a priority and the extra pounds began to add up. My clothes were all starting to feel really tight, some not fitting at all. I just felt sloppy. I became fed up and started to look online for a new personal trainer, someone with a fresh perspective. That’s when I found Train with Ron! I first was impressed with the information on his website, it looked professional and was to the point. I gave him a call, set up my first session and the rest is history! In 4 months I lost 25 lbs and 10% body fat and I’ve never felt more confident. I know that every time I show up Ron, DB and Matt will push me to a new limit. Their workouts are 100% effective and never boring. I really can’t say enough about all three of them. They’re great motivators and really care about your fitness goals! The intangible is the sense of community the gym provides, it’s an energized environment where quitting isn’t an op