I’ve never met anyone who has such passion for a career like Ron does. After many conversations with Ron, about how important weight training & proper nutrition are, I decided to join a gym. I quickly became bored with all the cardiovascular activity and was too afraid to use the weight room. After picking Ron’s brain for a few months I decided to train with him. Ron has taught me the importance of combining weight training & proper nutrition to benefit from working out. Working out has become a hobby to me now. I look forward to working out with Ron because I know that he will KICK MY BUTT! I’ve been working out with Ron now for 6 months and have never felt or looked better in my life. About 1 year ago, I would look at other women & say, “I wish I had her body!” Now, I hear people say that about me. Not only do I look and feel great, but also I’m a much healthier person with a lot more energy. I now feel confident working out on my own in the weight room since Ron has shown me the proper way to use weights. Weight training is something that is very important to me and I know that I will continue to do for the rest of my life!