Train with Ron is a vastly unique workout experience.  Unlike the “usual suspects” in the personal trainer/health club world…TWR offers a challenging program that can be tailored for any degree of difficulty.  No idiot muscle head pretending to help train you while really just wanting to show off…TWR is quite the opposite.

Every session is different and avoids the typical pitfalls of complacent routines that prohibit your body/mind from gaining strength and seeing results!  Ron, DB and Matt are constantly creating customized programs to keep fitness fresh; from a weightlifting regimen to cardio endurance competitions to weight loss contests.

When you have a trio of trainers that range from professional athlete to triathlete to world class sprinter…you know you are in extremely capable hands but amazingly it is not an overwhelming environment.  Instead, these three guys are so down to earth and friendly while focused on helping you improve your individual fitness goals.  This is a must try training experience!