Dan Buettner
explorer, author, public speaker, producer, and world record holder for endurance bicycling.

When it comes personal training, Ron has no peer. His winning combination of world class know-how and likability actually makes it fun to push yourself to utter exhaustion. I know from my own research Ron incorporates the latest health science into his regimens. His gym has the feeling of a community, an extended family of sorts so that you’re always surrounded by people who support the right habits. I cannot think of better way to seek fitness, regain lost youth and live longer than to cast your lot with Ron.

Dan Buettner, author of New York Times Bestseller, The Blue Zones: What the Longest-lived People Teach us about Living Longer

Dan appeared Dan appeared with Dr. Oz on The Oprah Winfrey Show November 25, 2008. Dan has also appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, Good Morning America and is an Emmy award winner for his documentary Africa Trek.

Bonnie K.
Comp. & Benefits Manager

What would you do if you were an over-50, cancer survivor, unfit, overweight woman? If you were me you’d Google for a personal trainer in Chicago and find Train with Ron. This was back in June, 2007. Seven months later, I’ve already lost over 40 lbs, I have more strength and endurance than I did when I was 30. And if I didn’t have to work I’d probably be training with Ron and his trainers DB and Matt every day. They have actually make fitness fun. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard work — but the motivation they provide, along with the education on both a fitness level and nutrition level is remarkable. I have never run a day in my life — until I started training with TWR. I’m actually starting to run and love it. My knees were a mess. But they were patient and helped me strengthen the muscles below and above the knee and now I’m even doing lunges. I was a little nervous when I first started because I am older and was really out of shape, but everyone there (including other clients) has been supportive, encouraging and challenges me to do my best. I can’t say enough about Train with Ron, except if you want to get back in shape…or just want to improve your fitness level, you can’t go wrong working with Ron and his team. My goal for the next six months…run a 5k race, and take off another 40-50 lbs! As long as I’m training with TWR I actually think I’ll make it.

Part 2 – It’s September 1, 2008 and it’s been 1 year and 3 months since I first walked into TWR. The good news—I’m now down 65 pounds and best of all … I’m off blood pressure medicine! My doctor is amazed what great shape I’m in now. I even completed my first 5K race — which would have been unbelievable a year ago. I admit I did hit a plateau, but Ron, DB & Matt wouldn’t let me give up. Nor would other clients! It’s such a great environment for those who are serious about becoming or staying fit. The camaraderie is unlike anything I’ve experienced in any other gym. I know the last 35 pounds are going to be even tougher to lose, but given the motivation and encouragement I get from TWR I’ll do it. Don’t get me wrong — it’s really hard work. But these guys find a way to make it fun. Stay tuned for Part 3!!!

Phil W.

TWR plays an integral part in my wife and my life. Although she is there more often than I am, we both look forward to seeing the guys over there for a couple of reasons.

  1. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and know how hard to push you. Hard enough, where you are getting one of the better workouts of your life but no so hard that you are punishing your body…although you will be sore if you don’t go often.
  2. For the money, you cannot find a better workout.
  3. The facility is top notch.
  4. The workouts are different every time that you go in.
  5. They have established an environment that is family-like.
  6. Most importantly, if you decide to use them, you will see changes.
Caroline S.

Hi Ron,

I want to tell you how happy I am with the training so far, and even happier with the results. There is such a drastic difference in my endurance and stamina from when I started, and I definitely have more energy. I can also fit into clothes that have been tucked away in the back of my closet for a long time! Another advantage about the training is that although I am conscious of making healthier food decisions, I certainly do not feel deprived in any way, and generally eat what I want in smaller proportions. To be honest, I am surprised at how quickly by body has transforming. Your staff is wonderful and they do a terrific job. Thank you so much for all of the training and encouragement that TWR provides!


Grant S.

I started at this place after I met Matt online. I was looking for a trainer on craigslist and that’s how I started going there. He listened to me and helped me set a realistic plan to achieve my goals. I started a routine (going several times a week) and after about 2 1/2 months I convinced myself it was too far for me to travel and I could find a place closer to home. I tried other places, but was not getting the results, nor were they fun or seriously working me out. I came back to TWR and have been going regularly for the past 4 months. I really see great results and wish I had never left. They will get you in shape, overall good shape. Great for beginners to advanced fitness levels.

Startup Biotech Scientist and Regulator

I have been active in sports continuously since childhood. I was a respectable high school halfback, an laughably undersized guard in basketball, an undisciplined sprinter, an IM junkie, and a terrible college wrestler (I mean awful). Now, at 42, I am transitioning from what I worked when preparing for a specific sporting event to more of a balanced fitness-lifestyle program that will keep me in top shape and is manageable with my work schedule. I have trained under every kind of workout regimen imaginable and find no match for the whole-body fitness program at TWR. The creativity of Ron’s 30ON-30OFF philosophy, Matt’s PURE STEEL power program, and DB’s Triathalon/Crosstraining regimen offer a variety of activities that keep me enthusiastic and engaged. Having known Ron for decades and DB and Matt for the last several years, I wholeheartedly vouch for their character. You will not find trainers more interested in you, as a person, as well as your fitness success.

Greg Taucher

This year marks my 4th year hitting it at TWR and my 22nd year of enduring “annual physicals” at The Cooper Clinic in Dallas, TX. This year’s results: Treadmill Stress Test improved 02:31 year-on-year to 21:47, which puts me in the low end of the “excellent” cardio-vascular condition for my age group. The Body Mass (calipers + weight in the water tank) test results year-on-year were equally outstanding: dropped 14 pounds of fat /added 19 pounds of muscle. So rolling out for those 6:00am work-outs on cold winter mornings ….worth it. Thanks guys.

Kelly M.

I started going to Train with Ron in late 2007 based on a friend’s recommendation and years later, I am still hooked!  Every workout is challenging, fun and unique.  The trainers (Ron, DB and Matt) are great guys who encourage you and work with you to set fitness goals.

Prior to TWR, I tried out personal trainers at both Cheetah Gym in Bucktown and the West Loop Athletic Club.  I had such terrible experiences with these gym trainers that I nearly gave up on personal training.  I am glad though that I gave TWR a shot because it’s a totally different experience.  There are no bored, apathetic gym trainers here!  I have realized great results in terms of endurance, strength and weight loss.  I’ve also found that it is more affordable than gym trainers and clients have the option to either purchase a package or pay-as-you-go.  Make an investment in your physical health and contact TWR for an appointment today!

Amy D.
Special Agent, FBI

As someone who was a “lifelong athlete” playing 5 sports in high school, soccer in college and post college I never felt like I needed help staying in shape. So when I started to prepare for a fitness test with the FBI I wasn’t too worried about it. And then I got injured and hit a rut. I was not in bad shape by any means but I felt I was struggling to get the scores I wanted and was worried that I might not pass in one of the events…so I turned to Train With Ron upon the suggestion of a friend.

Ron, Matt and DB assured me that they would be able to get me where I wanted to be in all of the events and with that I started training. I was at the gym with them 3 times a week and worked as hard as I could every time I was there. When I thought I couldn’t do anymore their encouragement kept me going and their approach to training kept me wanting to come back for more. Training was always an adventure because every workout is different from the one before which keeps your interest and keeps your body guessing. When I got to the FBIAcademy, I scored the second highest number of points in my class of 44, the highest for a female and scored 9 out of 10 in 2 of the 4 events. I implemented some of the programs they use while I was there and continued to improve scoring 3 more points in the 2nd fitness test I had to take. It was a great feeling, especially since I was one of the 4 oldest people in the class.

Train With Ron not only helped me pursue a career with the FBI and improve my fitness level, it made me really enjoy working out again. While my career as taken me away from Chicago I will always stay in touch with the TWR team because I know even from afar they will continue to motivate me and give me ideas on how I can improve my fitness level. They truly provide a motivating environment with lots of support and encouragement. The structure of workouts creates such a great team atmosphere that rather than working out never knowing the person next to you, you find yourself encouraging each other to constantly improve and do more. If you are tired of being in a rut and dreading a trip to the gym then it is time to go to TWR!!

Constance P.

I heard about Train with Ron from a friend over five years ago.  From my first session there, I was hooked.  I am easily bored by formal workouts and that is never the case at TWR.  Each time I go the workout is totally different but always incorporating cardio, core and major muscle groups.  When I started at TWR I could not even do one regular push up and now I do them effortlessly.  Ron, DB, and Matt are all so encouraging and motivating as are the other clients.  I have made many friends at TWR and really look forward to my sessions there.

FBI Agent Candidate

I started with Train With Ron in June 08, with little insight into or experience with personal training. And honestly, I was skeptical.

At this time, I had just been accepted into the FBI Special Agent Selection process… which was great, except for one small detail. Part of the selection process included a fairly intense physical fitness test that I would need to take in September. I did a self-assessment based on the scoring scale the FBI provides… and the results.. not good. With the exception of the long distance run, I was below threshold in all other events.

I explained my goal to Ron, DB & Matt, and they assured me that with their training I would not only pass, but would score highly on the test. With their assurance, I started my training. Whoa, was I surprised. I worked hard.. VERY hard.. was at TWR 4-6 times a week being challenged beyond what I ever thought I could actually do. And their approach was something I had never envisioned. In an hour session I was working cardio, all muscle groups, and doing “moves” that are so unique and keep your body guessing. No two workouts were ever the same! And then.. results. My situps & pushups soared, I was pushing around weights that I never thought possible for me, and my endurance was better than it ever was.

Anyway, fast-forward to the test. Not only did I pass, but as Ron, DB & Matt predicted, I did very well, I had the highest score for Chicago. My training with TWR has not only helped me pursue a career opportunity with the FBI, but has also dramatically improved my fitness level, and changed my outlook on keeping in shape… I want to do more and get even better. TWR provides a fun, motivating environment, without any pressure.. just support and encouragement. If you have fitness goals, or are just looking to make a change in your lifestyle and need support, instruction and motivation, TWR is your best bet.

Escape C.

This training facility is wonderful. The trainers, Matt and DB, are awesome. Every time I go the hour is completely different, we never do the same workout twice. Also, unlike most trainers in the city, these guys actually listen to you and your goals. Whether you are looking to just tone up or to build muscle mass, they don’t have you doing some prefabbed routine.

I would really recommend this place to EVERYONE!! They are great for beginners all the way up to advanced athletes.

Eric R.
IT Professional

I had always thought of myself as being in “good shape”, but the reality was that I was gaining weight and becoming less active with each passing year. After I hit my 30s, I had been perpetually stuck in the cycle of starting a training program, quitting it because of some injury and then starting it up again. I had good intentions, but I wasn’t really making any progress. Shortly before my 37th birthday when I hit my heaviest weight of 235 lbs with 29% body fat percentage, I found Ron and started training with him 3 times a week. Within 6 months, I’ve dropped 15 lbs off of my weight and reduced my body fat percentage by 10% and become stronger now than when I was 27.

Here are the top 10 reasons why I will continue to train with Ron:

  • If you go you will see results!
  • Your weaknesses will soon become your strengths.
  • The workout routines are always different so you never get bored.
  • You get a mix of aerobic and strength training.
  • You get a full body workout in every training session.
  • Ron and his trainers, DB and Matt, will always get the most out of you every session.
  • There’s always healthy competition to take it to the next level.
  • You get individual attention when you need it.
  • Ron always makes himself available to answer questions.
  • There is a great team atmosphere where everyone is encouraged regardless of their fitness level.
Stephanie U.

I agree with everyone that has reviewed these guys already. I have been going to Train With Ron for about four years now. My weight has gone up and down, but these guys help me get though it every level I am at. The trainers, Ron, Matt and DB, are tough, but good. They all bring something different to the table so everytime feels completely different. I would also recommend this place to EVERYONE!! They are perfect for the beginners and I’ll let you know about how they are with advanced athletes once I become one in a couple months of training.

Holly Clark
School Administrator

Unsolicited letter from Holly Clark to Chicago Magazine:
I recently read in your magazine that The Bar Method was considered one of the best workouts in Chicago. I do the Bar Method classes and they are good. But, I must tell you they do not compare to my other workout. The best workout in Chicago is hands-down, Train with Ron. As a girl who grew up in Southern California – I know how to stay in shape and have spent most of my life in the gym. This workout is by far the best and most exhilarating workout I have ever experienced, and to my knowledge there is nothing like it in Chicago.

Since beginning my workouts with Ron, my body has changed DRAMATICALLY. I have been working out with him for six months and have never looked better, felt better or been in better shape – period. For your next BEST edition you really should check out this gym. One thing I find very interesting is that other trainers workout with him before going to their clients. That alone is an amazing reference. You can find more information at the website: The workouts at this gym are not one-on-one workouts but rather small group workouts which push, challenge and motivate each participant. They have changed the way I think about working out. You would be remiss not to include this gym in your next BEST edition.

Thank you,
Holly Clark 40, School Administrator

Carry F.

I was introduced to TWR Spring of 2008 and really was looking to get in shape for my wedding.  I had no idea what I was getting into, but honestly these are the best trainers I’ve worked out with ever.  I’ve tried trainers at my local gym and also tried to workout on my own, but nothing/no one has pushed me as hard as the trainers at TWR, Ron, DB and Matt.  They keep it interesting and push me to work harder than I every have before.  It’s been almost 2 years and I’m still going strong and love it.    I would definitely recommend training with these guys!  No matter what level you are, you will get a good workout at TWR.

Senior Equity Analyst

After many unsuccessful attempts to get in shape and lose weight over the course of 10 years, I finally decided on a different kind of personal training than what is typically offered at the local gym. I was tremendously lucky to find Train with Ron. The experience I have had at TWR has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined and the results have been incredible. TWR’s workouts are the most challenging out there and get you into excellent shape. I have gone from struggling to run one mile to being able to easily do eight. But what I think really separates TWR from anything else out there and the reason I was able to stay committed is the staff. Ron, Matt, and DB all motivate you in a positive way and they take great pride in your progress. They foster a family-type atmosphere in the gym, and it makes me look forward to coming in, and I’m someone who has historically dreaded working out. They continuously change up the workouts to keep things fresh and make sure you are consistently progressing. It is easy to tell that they genuinely care. So, after less than six months of enjoyable workouts, here are the results: 25 pounds lost (with a lot of added muscle), four inches less in the waist, and more energy than I’ve ever had in my entire life. Thank you Ron, Matt, and DB for helping me achieve something that I had come to think was impossible!

Cindy V.

If you give Train With Ron a chance you definately will NOT regret it!  I have been going there for a couple of months and I feel like its a good investment for what I am trying to accomplish.  The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and very motivating. What I love about Train With Ron is that the trainers have a way of making challenging workouts fun.  The facility is fully equipped, the trainers are great, the clientele is friendly…definately check them out, this place is the real deal.

Karen A.
Financial Analyst and Mother of 2

In April 2008, I realized that I needed a serious jump start to get back into shape and lose weight. I had my second baby in July of 2007 and was still struggling to lose the stubborn pregnancy pounds. My goal? To celebrate my eighth wedding anniversary, which was coming up in September, by losing 25 lbs to get back to my wedding day weight. A friend of mine had recently started working out at Train With Ron (TWR) and said it was the best workouts she had ever had. I met with Ron and after hearing about the program and seeing the clients in the gym, I signed up immediately. The first several workouts were really tough, it had literally been two years since I had been at the gym. But, Ron, DB and Matt were great- so supportive and motivational that I felt like I could keep with the workouts. And it has completely paid off, within four months I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and by Sept. 2nd, I was able to fit back into my wedding dress! It is not just the weight loss though, my energy levels are high, almost at the same levels at my three and a half year old…and I feel great. The fast paced training style at TWR will increase your cardio endurance as well as your muscle tone, it is truly a total body transformation. This is the best shape I have ever been in and I owe it to the three fantastic trainers at TWR. Thanks guys!

Doug A.

Whether you’re a high school athlete trying to make it to the next level, a professional athlete, a young professional, a law enforcement professional, or a retired senior citizen, these trainers will make any of your fitness goals attainable!  The staff are professional and friendly and there is a lot of camraderie among all who train here.  This is a sports performance facility, not a gym.  There is no waiting for equipment.  You get incredible workouts to push you based on your ability.  There is no feeling of being lost in the crowd as you workout with a trainer and up to 3 other members.   I have no personal or professional affiliation with the owners/staff and have not been promised anything for writing this review (I just train at the facility!).  Bottom line is this is the best place to get you in shape, meet great people, and is reasonably priced.  Try one session at TWR and I know you will validate everything I’m saying!