I started going to Train with Ron in late 2007 based on a friend’s recommendation and years later, I am still hooked!  Every workout is challenging, fun and unique.  The trainers (Ron, DB and Matt) are great guys who encourage you and work with you to set fitness goals.

Prior to TWR, I tried out personal trainers at both Cheetah Gym in Bucktown and the West Loop Athletic Club.  I had such terrible experiences with these gym trainers that I nearly gave up on personal training.  I am glad though that I gave TWR a shot because it’s a totally different experience.  There are no bored, apathetic gym trainers here!  I have realized great results in terms of endurance, strength and weight loss.  I’ve also found that it is more affordable than gym trainers and clients have the option to either purchase a package or pay-as-you-go.  Make an investment in your physical health and contact TWR for an appointment today!