My story — I was always someone that had shied away from gyms in general, crowds in general, and had never lifted weights or been on a regular fitness routine.  Then a few years back after shedding some weight by eating frozen TV dinners I tried Lakeshore Athletic club personal training.  Although an OK start to strength training, I never felt comfortable that the trainers I worked with really pushed you hard or knew what was truly effective for results — there was always a lot of second guessing going on.  In stark contrast the trainers at Train With Ron clearly have depth of experience and are also clearly trying to better their own techniques and knowledge — nothing feels stale nor do they seem to ever be bored training you.  Unlike other places I’ve been to all the trainers are equally great to work with such that I don’t care who I wind up with when I show up.  The workouts are intense and you always have a large amount of endorphins following one because of that intensity (if you have ever run a 5k you know what I’m talking about).  I myself had lost some weight on my own but never had figured out the long term solution to lose the last 40 pounds to reach my final goal weight nor had I figured out a good way to be “fit for life”.  Now I’m well on my way — only 20 lbs away from an ideal weight/body fat %.  (having started at 265 lbs and now 200)  My body in general is clearly significantly stronger and my mind is clearly working better as a result of that.  For someone who is more of an introvert — it is nice that it is a small intimate environment where everyone is so tired/beatup by the trainers that everyone pretty much ignores everyone else and gawking is kept to a minimum ?  The people here work hard without exception, and when you finally are able to take a breather to socialize the clientèle that TWR attracts seems consistently friendly and cordial.