This is the place to go if you want to get in shape fast!  The staff, as well as the clientele are incredibly motivating.  I have been a fairly regular client here for 2 years and have never repeated a workout, which is important to me since I tend to get bored easily with my fitness routine.

I would not hesitate in recommending this place to anyone, regardless of their level of fitness.

Andrea D.

I started TWR 3 months ago right after I got engaged. I had over 9 months until my wedding, but I wanted to get a jump start on my “wedding diet”. I have always considered myself a healthy, active woman, but I was holding onto 10 pounds that I could not get rid of no matter how many days a week I worked out or how ever many fad diets I tried. After many recommendations, I decided to make Ron, Matt, and DB part of my morning workout routine. After my first, second, and third workouts, I knew it would be impossible not to see results. I have never experienced a workout quite like TWR. Every workout is a challenge, yet every day I leave feeling more accomplished and proud of myself than the session before. I have shed 8 of those stubborn 10 pounds (in 3 months!) and lost almost 5% of my body fat. While I still have 6 months until my wedding, I am already picturing myself in my wedding dress and I can’t wait for the big day to finally get here! SERIOUSLY RON – Thank you so much for everything so far! I really love waking up every Tuesday and Friday to workout with you guys. I feel so confident and happy with my body and let me tell you, that in and of itself is a huge accomplishment for me.

Katie L.

I have been going to Train With Ron for over three years and it is easily the most fun I’ve ever had going to a trainer.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional tri-athelete or it’s the first time you’ve ever stepped into a gym, Ron, DB and Matt always make the workout challenging, fun and level-appropriate.  I have happily recommended Train With Ron to family and friends, all of whom are hooked now too.  If you’re looking for a trainer in Chicago, Train With Ron is far and away the best choice!

Rachel S.

I originally started training with Ron for my wedding. I had also been putting off a scheduled knee surgery and waited until my wedding and honeymoon were both over. After my surgery I didn’t know what would happen once I recovered. But during my recovery, for the first time in my life, I found myself really missing the training with Ron. It wasn’t just burning calories when I was working out, I felt good all over. It improved my confidence, my self esteem and my general mental wellness. So after the surgery, I came back to Ron. It has been over 6 months this time around and I can do so much more than I ever could before. I have lost 14 pounds, and gone down 2 pants sizes. The best part though, is that I actually enjoy exercising. The workout is different every time so there is nothing to dread! I love the small group dynamic because it is never competitive and always supportive. I only compete with myself as I get stronger and become more adept at certain “Moves”! Train with Ron has absolutely changed my life in so many positive ways.

Heather Paquin DeJonkerHeather Paquin DeJonker 29, School Teacher

I  highly highly recommend TWR for anyone looking to get in shape and really challenge themselves.  DB, Ron, and Matt are the best trainers I have ever worked out with and are also some of the nicest guys you would ever want to know.  They were all very receptive to my goals, and helped me every step of the way from nutrition advice to suggesting things I could do on my own to maximize my independent workouts.  I started working out here to tone up before my wedding, but almost a year after the big day, I’m still working out here and I don’t plan to stop.  Definitely worth it!

Lauren L.

I worked with Ron as part of a national competition to loose body fat. From our first session it became evident Ron was different that other trainers I had encountered. More than just breaking a sweat, Ron wanted me to understand what I was doing and why. He’s not a drill sergeant, but more a teacher and motivator of healthy living — both by exercise and diet. Don’t get me wrong, Ron knows how to push you to your limits. He draws every ounce of effort out of you while leaving you thrilled to have done so. He pairs creativity and continuity of exercises to keep workouts fresh but familiar and comfortable. If you need a pick up, he’ll jump right in beside you to help get you through. Most of all, I have to respect Ron for his dedication to his cause and most importantly to his clients. Not only does he walk his talk, he’ll do just about anything to help you walk yours. 6 weeks and countless hours with Ron taught me a lot about my body, how to take care of it and train it, as well as dedication to self and goal setting. In addition to it all, I walked away with $5,000 as the grand-prize winner.

Matt LarsonEngineering Graduate Student Cornell University

These guys do it right! DB, Matt and Ron are dedicated trainers that will help you achieve your personal fitness goals. They are constantly changing up the workouts to keep it fresh while still challenging each person given their fitness levels. Ron and crew can help anyone achieve their fitness goals in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Give it a try you will not be disappointed!!

Chris G.

Chris G.

I am a 37 year old commodity trader and have training with Ron for over a year now. I have worked out my entire life, done triathlons and can honestly say I have never been even close to the shape I am in now. It’s all due to TWR. I cannot say enough about Ron, Matt and DB either. Not only will they get you into fantastic shape, Ron’s business model of training a few people at one time, creates chemistry, great bonds and friendships with other clients. Not only is Ron the best trainer I’ve ever known, he’s also one of the greatest people. I will always be a client of Ron’s and am now honored to call him a good friend.

Frank N.

I came to Ron’s gym with one mission- to look good in a bright orange bridesmaid dress! I’ve stuck with Ron, Matt and DB way past that wedding-I’m actually preparing again for another!

I have never had personal trainers push me the way that they do, while encouraging me to go above and beyond what I thought possible in terms of strength and endurance. I have discovered new muscles (I never knew I had any) and an appreciation for how far I’ve come. I’m looking forward to the next level in my fitness evolution, knowing that I have their dedication to my success as a backup.

These trainers can turn the weakest bridesmaid into a force to be reckoned with (I could probably do more pushups then the groomsmen at this point) in a short time. I highly recommend if you want fabulous and fast results.

Lindsay S.

I had worked out with a trainer in the past and saw results, but like many people I found myself not sticking to a routine once I was off on my own. Several months went by, my fitness stopped being a priority and the extra pounds began to add up. My clothes were all starting to feel really tight, some not fitting at all. I just felt sloppy. I became fed up and started to look online for a new personal trainer, someone with a fresh perspective. That’s when I found Train with Ron! I first was impressed with the information on his website, it looked professional and was to the point. I gave him a call, set up my first session and the rest is history! In 4 months I lost 25 lbs and 10% body fat and I’ve never felt more confident. I know that every time I show up Ron, DB and Matt will push me to a new limit. Their workouts are 100% effective and never boring. I really can’t say enough about all three of them. They’re great motivators and really care about your fitness goals! The intangible is the sense of community the gym provides, it’s an energized environment where quitting isn’t an op

Patrick L.Comedy Writer