A LIFE Changing Experience!

Train With Ron is a totally unique experience in personal training. Like everything, success comes down to the people involved, and you won’t encounter three more dedicated trainers than Ron, Matt, and DB. As my wife put it, “lots of people show up for their work, but they aren’t really there…” these guys are truly THERE to support, help, guide, coach, and encourage you to reach and exceed what you believe you are capable of. I am lighter, faster, and stronger than I have been in 10 years as a direct result of my investment in myself at Train With Ron.

Changing my eating and exercise habits… and ultimately, my body – also helped me to change so many other facets of my life, I cannot begin to describe the side benefits here.

Don’t wait another day… begin your journey NOW – I waited way too long, but I found out that it’s never too late – and Ron, Matt, and DB have the information, experience, and motivation that it will take for you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE like my wife and I did!

Dan A.

Before I hired Ron to be my personal trainer, I had been working out on my own at home for a few years but recently had become frustrated. A lack of motivation combined with some recent lifestyle changes contributed to me gaining weight that I couldn’t take off. Hiring Ron was one of the best decisions I have ever made for two reasons. He really helped motivate me to lose the weight that I had gained, build a considerable amount of strength and regain my focus. With Ron’s help I’m now stronger and in better physical shape than I ever been in my life. In addition, through our training sessions together and many discussions we had about fitness and health, he also inspired me seek a new career path and enter the fitness profession myself. Thanks to Ron, I’m now studying to enter the health and fitness field and I love it.

Kara M.

Not quite sure how to even start to “review” Train With Ron and their incredible staff.  Mo & I have  always worked out at gyms & have seen personal trainers “in action” at the various gyms, but we never quite saw their purpose.  However, this all changed when we ran into Ron 5 years ago & decided to give TWR a shot.  Well, we’re still there & can’t even begin to express our gratitude, admiration, and appreciation for all three trainers.  They each bring a unique style to training and regardless of who you train with, you’ll always leave feeling your best (physically and mentally) and anxious to come back.  They watch your every move to be sure your form is correct & they’re constantly motivating you with their words of encouragement.  Yes, they challenge you, INDIVIDUALLY, somehow they have the incredible ability to push you to YOUR  limits and know exactly what you need.  Going to TWR is like a good drug….you can never get enough yet all side effects are fantastic for you.  Between the two of us we’ve had numerous injuries where we thought we wouldn’t be able to train while healing.  However, Dale, Matt, and Ron worked around each and every limitation/injury and we consistently got amazing workouts.  We’ve trained for God knows how many sessions these last 5 years yet we’ve NEVER EVER had the same workout.  Training here is like being with your family.  It seriously is a small community where everyone is welcoming, constantly encouraging, and friends.

Mary P.

I started with Ron in April to get in shape for my wedding in October. I have always exercised and have even run marathons however I was looking for someone to help me learn the proper techniques of weight lifting. Ron came referred to me by one of my friends that was using him and getting results. I was very leery about the concept of using a personnel trainer but from my first meeting with Ron he set me at ease. My goal was to tone up my arms for my wedding dress and get in the best shape possible to walk down the aisle. In the process of working with Ron not only are my arms getting results but I’m getting leaner in my waist line and just feel healthier. Ron’s work outs are not easy but every time I leave a session I feel really great. During each work out with Ron he walks me through what we are doing and why we are doing it. I ask a lot of questions and never yet has Ron said I don’t know. His knowledge clearly shows that it is his passion. I have and will continue to refer friends to him.

Tracy K.Network Account Manager

Train with Ron is a vastly unique workout experience.  Unlike the “usual suspects” in the personal trainer/health club world…TWR offers a challenging program that can be tailored for any degree of difficulty.  No idiot muscle head pretending to help train you while really just wanting to show off…TWR is quite the opposite.

Every session is different and avoids the typical pitfalls of complacent routines that prohibit your body/mind from gaining strength and seeing results!  Ron, DB and Matt are constantly creating customized programs to keep fitness fresh; from a weightlifting regimen to cardio endurance competitions to weight loss contests.

When you have a trio of trainers that range from professional athlete to triathlete to world class sprinter…you know you are in extremely capable hands but amazingly it is not an overwhelming environment.  Instead, these three guys are so down to earth and friendly while focused on helping you improve your individual fitness goals.  This is a must try training experience!

Will M.

I was very skeptical when I signed on for a personal trainer. In fact if it were not for the sales person who put the membership along with the personal training sessions into one price, I would most likely not have purchased sessions. However, I am extremely happy that I was asssigned Ron as my personal trainer. I have been working out pretty regularly for almost 10 years and I thought I knew most of the exercises. But working with Ron, I have learned to use certain exercises in the right combination, use correct form and to push myself to produce results. Also, we change our routine regularly therefore working every muscle group and at times muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I get more out of a one hour session with Ron than I did when I worked out twice as long by myself. And since time is a luxury for me, it is definitely money well spent. I am in better shape now working out once, twice max, a week with Ron than when I used work out 4 to 5 times a week by myself or with a friend. I would honestly say that this best shape I have been in since my college crew days 7 years ago but that was working out 6 times a week, 3 hours a day. At the end of the day, nothing bad will ever come with working with Ron – except some sore muscles. Ron encourages me without becoming the over bearing drill sergeant, works to maximize my time and takes the time to understand ultimately what my fitness goals are – plus he works with my schedule. Ron also makes working out fun and enjoyable – he’s a real easy going person that is easy to talk too, not the typical fitness freak you see on TV selling the “Super-Max Ab Blaster Plus!” To say I am happy my training experience with Ron would be an understatement. I work out less minutes but I’m in better shape, what more can I ask for?!

JSLMarketing Manager, Kellogg MBA Candidate, Techno DeeJay

I have been working out at Train with Ron for 3 years now. I am 38 years old and have worked out my entire adult life. The results and the friendships I’ve attained from Train with Ron are unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

Ron, DB and Matt are the three best trainers I’ve ever had and i’ve had many. They all posses unique skills and combined they can transform any client into the ultimate physical specimen. I’ve seen so many clients male and female alike attain amazing results it’s really inspiring.

At TWR it is not your usual  gym with people wearing headphones and random trainers. It’s 3 of the most quality people you will ever meet, motivating groups of clients who in turn motivate each other in a fun environment.  Everyone under that roof becomes a friend, trainer and client alike.

I’ve tried P90x. I’ve tried the Insanity workout.  TWR has given me better results in a setting I look forward to being in. So weather your someone who wants to add a kick ass workout to your routine a couple days a month, or someone who wants to get the best unlimited training deal there is and achieve the results you thought only Hollywood celebrities can get. I can’t recommend TWR enough!!

Frank N.

For the last eight months I have trained with Ron and can say without question I would not be where I am today had it not been for his support and encouragement. Ron keeps our time together upbeat and challenging session after session. There are times I think he is insane but the excitement and commitment he brings to his training motivates you to push past your own walls and achieve things you never thought possible. I have seen a remarkable difference in my energy level and physical endurance since I began working with Ron. Plus, he lets you choose the music, what more could you want?

Amy N.Manager of Human Resources - IBM

By far the best workout I’ve ever had in my life. No two workouts are the same so you never feel bored. The activities are always challenging and designed to workout the areas you want to concentrate on. The atmosphere is fun, friendly and non-judgemental. I would highly recommend TWR.

Ro Y.

I have enjoyed working with Ron for the sense of commitment and professionalism that he brings to each training session. He comes prepared with thoughtful exercises that fit with my goals. Ron takes an interest in each of his clients and really gets to the core of my goals. He inspires me to dig deeper and push harder than I ever would on my own. I respect Ron for pursuing a career that he is passionate about and I feel that he has his heart in to making me successful. Ron will go above and beyond to help me and he follows through on his word. An example of Ron’s commitment was clear to me when he prepared a spreadsheet for me to track my daily eating. This is outside the typical trainer experience. I am very thankful that I train with Ron.

DorieFinancial Consultant at Smith Barney